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Who can become a member of Liberation

We warmly welcome membership applications from supporters of the UNCRPD in England where Liberation is based, in other parts of the UK and in other countries. 

People with lived experience of mental distress and organisations led by them in England are invited to join as direct members, other people are invited to join as allies or associates.

How to apply

If you/your organisation is interested in becoming a member of Liberation, please ask Dorothy Gould, Liberation’s Founder and Coordinator, for an application form, providing the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. An email, or postal address
  3. In what country you are based
  4. Whether you are applying as:
  • An individual with lived experience of mental distress/trauma
  • An organisation led by people with experience of mental distress/trauma
  • An organisation led by other Disabled People, or Deaf People – or a member of one
  • An unpaid carer, or organisation led by unpaid carers
  • A non-disabled individual, or an organisation led by non-disabled people.

Membership of Liberation is free, so that it is available to everyone, regardless of income. Donations are also welcome from people who can genuinely afford them.

To obtain an application form, you can

  • Email Dorothy at
  • Phone her on 07565 399 422
  • Write to her at PO Box 49677, London N8 8WQ.

 Dorothy will then send you the application form which fits for you/your organisation.