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On 1st March this year, representatives from the DPO Forum England, including Liberation, met with Tom Pursglove, the current Minister, to discuss some key, ongoing issues. These included:

The chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, issued a "back to work budget" on 15th March and this was followed by the publication of Transforming Support. The Health and Disability White Paper. The White Paper sets out the government's planned changes to the benefit system and again has a strong emphasis on getting Disabled people into work.

Because there are such major issues with the benefit system, an innovative development is the formation of a Commission on Social Security led by Experts by Experience (people with direct experience of welfare benefits) to address the issues and to develop a plan for the type of system which should actually exist

Although government plans to enact the Bill of Rights Bill were dropped while Liz Truss was prime minister, the government’s intention now seems to be to revive the Bill.

Liberation is a member of Transforming Communities for Inclusion (TCI), an international group which campaigns for people with psychosocial disabilities (people with experience of mental distress/trauma) to have the full human rights set out in the UNCRPD